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Emek Hayarden Etéd Frosty Lofranco and Emek Hayarden Erdély Simba Lofranco were born on November 16, 2021. They both belong to our 4th litter and are sons of Nina Prince of the Dogs (Brazilian, Argentinian, Uruguayan and now American champion) and Lofranco Zar of Gem-Mar, bred by Darla Lofranco. Darla is responsible for the Lofranco Kennel in Canada and has over 40 years of experience with the breed.

Darla was one of the pioneers to travel to a closed, communist Hungary in the 1980s to establish ties with the most famous and respected Kuvasz breeders at the time. Darla had the foresight to freeze his semen in 1997, over 24 years ago. Zar’s ancestors came from kennels that represent the source of important Kuvasz bloodlines in Hungary, which have disappeared or simply been diluted over the years. Zar’s parents are Kurucz Bátor (male) and Gödöllőkert Avar Tisza (female), were imported by Darla to Canada. These two dogs were the pillars of his kennel. Zar, in this way, preserves the heritage of important Kuvasok, such as Budagyöngye Pancser, Római Fürdői Bátor, Jászszépe Cuki, Gödöllőkerti Avar Maros, Gödöllőker Avar Gazsi, Gödöllőkert Avar Gyopár, Jászszépe Kasztor, Jászszépe Fanni etc. Along with Frosty’s pedigree we also post the pedigrees of his father Zar and his grandparents Kurucz Bátor and Gödöllőkert Avar Tisza. These are historical documents. This litter is the direct result of friendship, cooperation, trust and the joint effort of people located in Canada, USA and Brazil, who love the Kuvasz breed and are concerned about its future. Earlier this year, we entrusted Nina to Brian, Mary and Caroline Clegg in the USA. The Clegg family has been involved with the Kuvasz breed for years. The Clegg’s have given us the honor of presenting Nina and her puppy with Nádas-Kincse Delceg Gege, Emek Hayarden Cudar, at the Kuvasz Club of America Specialty and other shows in the year 2021. Both Nina and Cudar have achieved excellent results, having received the title of American champions granted by the American Kennel Club. Cudar now has his permanent home with the Clegg’s. Taking advantage of Nina’s presence in the US, we jointly decided to inseminate her with Zar’s semen, stored at the International Canine Semen Bank (ICSB) in Atlanta. The Clegg family embraced this project and coordinated all phases related to the insemination process. Emek Hayarden Erdély Simba Lofranco and Emek Hayarden Etéd Frosty Lofranco are the result of this partnership. Erdély and Etéd offer the possibility of rescuing a bloodline that could improve the limited genetic pool of the breed marked by its limitation and inbreeding.

Frosty will be part of our breeding program and Simba will be bred by a partner breeder.


Titles and awards



Award: BIS inicial class
Judges: Enrique Graziano, Mirian Wenhausen and Ana Beatriz Knoll, Brazil
Event: Kennel Clube de Pouso Alegre – KCPA
Date: 04/23/2022

Award: BOB initial class
Judge: Johan Becerra Hernandes (Porto Rico), Ana Mesto (Spain) and Anita Cardoso Soares (Brazil)
Event: Kenel Clube São Paulo – KCSP
Date: 03/18 to 20/2022



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