Zar and Nina

Lofranco Zar of Gem-Mar
Nina Prince of the Dogs

The mating between Lofranco’s Zar of Gem-Mar and Nina Prince of the Dogs and the resulting birth of Emek Hayarden Etéd Frosty Lofranco (part of our kennel) and Emek Hayarden Erdély Simba Lofranco, which occurred on November 16, 2021, are of strategic importance in the development of our kennel. Zar had his semen frozen in the 1990’s by his breeder, Darla Lofranco, owner of the Lofranco kennel in Canada. Zar is a direct descendant of Kurucz Bátor (male) and Gödöllőkert Avar Tisza (female). Zar preserves the heritage of important Kuvasok, such as Budagyöngye Pancser, Római Fürdői Bátor, Jászszépe Cuki, Gödöllőkerti Avar Maros, Gödöllőker Avar Gazsi, Gödöllőkert Avar Gyopár, Jászszépe Kasztor, Jászszépe Fanni etc. We are hopeful that this positive genetic load will be inherited by Emek Hayarden Etéd Frosty Lofranco and his brother. Only the future will be able to confirm or not such expectations. Since these are historical documents, we present below the pedigrees of the parents and grandparents of this litter.

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